Image of 'Brecon Collegiate Church and School' in script across the top

Project Team

The Christ College Brecon project was a joint student-professor effort as a project for a Digital Humanities class at the University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg in the fall of 2019, taught by Dr. Elisa Beshero-Bondar.

Dr. William H. Campbell has taught History at the University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg since 2008. His publications include two volumes in the series Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae, the biographical register of the English and Welsh cathedral clergy from 1066 to 1857. His work on the final volume of the series, The Welsh Cathedrals, 1541-1857 (forthcoming from the Institute of Historical Research), brought him into contact with the manuscripts of the Statutes of St Davids Cathedral, some of which include the Letters Patent founding Christ College Brecon as an appendix. Despite a background in Latin and manuscript studies, this is his first foray into the world of DH, and in that field he was as much a student as his colleagues on the team.

Amber M. Peddicord is an undergraduate student studying English Literature and Communication at the University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg. She is currently a junior, and is also working toward a Digital Studies Certificate. In the past year, Amber has been brought into the DH world both as a student and as a research assistant working under the direction of Dr. Elisa Beshero-Bondar on the Digital Mitford Project. She is very new to the world of coding but is glad to be working with such a great team to learn and apply her skills to the Brecon Project.

Connor R. Chinoy is an undergraduate History student at the University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg. He is currently in his fourth year, and is also working on a Digital Studies Certificate as well as an Applied Research minor. This semester has been his first experience with DH, as well as with coding in general, which he hopes to apply to his own archival collections in the field of railroad history and preservation. He is glad to be working both with Dr. Campbell and Amber on the Brecon Project, and with Dr. Greg Bondar as a surveying assistant for another Humanities department project at Pitt-Greensburg, the West Overton Village project.

The members of Team Brecon are also pleased to record their gratitude to fellow Pitt-Greensburg students Alyssa Argento, who assisted greatly with web design and XSLT composition, and Jonah Jankovich, Dr. Campbell's research assistant on the Welsh Fasti project, who prepared the initial transcript from Witness W which greatly streamlined the coding process for the rest of us. We are also grateful for the teaching and direction of Dr. Elisa Beshero-Bondar and the Center for the Digital Text at the University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg.